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Life may throw some pretty major curveballs at you. To make matters worse, many people go through life unprepared to deal with these issues. You must have faced challenges in your life. Whether it's a career shift, or basic life concerns, we are here to help you overcome these hurdles and make the most out of what life throws at you.

Dr. Chunita is an ambitious life coach committed to making a difference in others’ lives. She started See, Believe, Achieve through Life Coaching LLC with the sole mission of helping overwhelmed individuals during the transitioning phases of their lives. During her coaching sessions, Dr. Chunita focuses on assisting individuals in establishing their most desired life goals, identifying the obstacles that hold them back and forming strategies to help them overcome these challenges.

Dr. Chunita has written and published studies on transition and the transition process. Transitioning may be difficult, but having a life coach to guide you through the process can make things easier. After spending 9 years, working with soldiers, veterans, and their families, she was inspired to find a model that meets the needs of troops and their families as they transition out of the army. Her study titled "A Phenomenological Study of the Distress of the Army Medical Board Retirement: Applying Schlossberg's Transition Model" focuses on how soldiers and their families cope with an unexpected medical retirement.

Dr. Chunita has also published journal articles on transition and hopes to use her research and coaching skills to assist veterans and their families as they transition from military to civilian life, as well as high school teenagers entering college, individuals considering career changes, and individuals seeking to achieve work-life balance. Her book "Behind the Ranks Volume 4," which she co-authored alongside Camouflaged Sisters, recently garnered the Bestselling Author award.

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